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It's been a while since my last post and I haven't really had a lot to show for it, writing wise. Something I think that has contributed has been the fact that I keep setting myself these lofty goals and high expectations that at the end of the day I don't think I can live up to as a writer, at least not yet. Call it imposter syndrome, call it the fraud police, call it depression, whatever. The point is that I keep getting these really high hopes for my projects, and then either they don't live up to my unreasonable expectations or I becomes too scared that I'm gonna fuck it all up. But maybe all I really need is some time and distance, to come back to a project with fresh eyes.

Take, for example, my shared writing universe. I never really gave it a chance. I tried promoting it, tried getting people interested in the idea, but it never went anywhere. I didn't even finish the first story. I think, though that there was some true merit to the idea. the premise was certainly interesting: here's a dungeon inhabited by the things we typically think of as “monsters” in an RPG setting. What are their lives like? I thought there wasa good amount of interest in the idea. But no one wanted to write it with me, so I gave up. Which was a bad idea. I should've continued to try on my own. So that's what I'm going to do.

I've modified the idea a little bit from the original, of course. There is no longer a fallen dwarven city, and it is not going to have some massive arc about an ancient evil that drove the dwarves out. Instead, this is simply going to be the trails and tribulations of kobolds, undead, and maybe a dragon, in a massive undercity dungeon, as they lead lives that in some strange way echo the lives of those on the surface. Fantasy slice-of-life, from the monster's point of view. Which has been done, but so has everything at this point.

What I really need is something silly and fun that I can write for the pure enjoyment of it, and worry about making my “magnum opus” at a later date. I keep getting caught up in the narrative of “great writers” making their “great work,” and I need to take a step back and realize that there's a reason people push for that: elitism. The idea that creative types are somehow superior, that art can be ranked, that great artists are only appreciated after their time, and all those other cliches that add up to a tall mound of bullshit for the rest of us to climb if we want to be remembered.

Creating art for the sake of creating something great is one thing. Creating art for the sake of art is another. I want to create art to have fun doing it.

I've had a decent amount of time to work on the fantasy setting I started constructing the other day, and in that time I've fleshed it out a bit more. I'm focusing on one city, Mercuria, at least for the first story or so. I've also combined the angels and demons into one group, daemons, while keeping the existence of the main church, which I've named the Church of Yaldabaoth. Conflicts still occur between the Church and the mages over the summoning and binding of daemons as servitors and familiars, which the Church believes to be a sacrilege.

I've also fleshed out the main character a bit. She's a chimera, and transgender, a former member of the church and a mage. She's got a sordid backstory, a distaste for authority, and enemies in both the church and the mage's syndicate. She's also a consulting theurge, taking on missions for the syndicate in order to give her some way to use her skills and satisfy her insatiable curiosity. We'll get to her in a bit, but for now, I want to talk a bit about the setting's major elements: the city and the church.

Mercuria, the City of Magic

Named after the philosopher Mercurius, founder of modern magic, Mercuria grew around the Gnostic University, the largest center for academic and magical study on the continent of Anval. More than two centuries ago, it was one of the first cities to rebel against the Great Empire of Anval, and it is widely believed to be the reason for the rebellion's success. After the rebellion, it became one of two countries that did not join the Federation of Free Commonwealths, along with the Old Kindom of Tudora.

Mercuria is governed by anarcho-syndicalist principles. It is run by a general assembly made up of delegations of the various labor syndicates. Officially, no syndicate holds sway over any other, but in practice the mages' syndicate and the alchemists' syndicate have more pull due to their role in keeping the city safe. Because of the mages' syndicate's extensive use of daemons as servitors and familiars, the city has gained the epithet “City of Daemons.”

The Church of Yaldabaoth

Recently, the local Diocese of the Church of Yaldabaoth has won the right to join the assembly as a syndicate after successfully arguing that its members provide valuable spiritual services to the community. This decision is not uncontroversial, though, as the church is both a hierarchical organization and beholden to the Grand Hierophant, an outside power. It does not help that the Church abhors the practice of binding daemons as servitors and familiars, a practice many mages argue is central to the security of the city.

The Church of Yaldabaoth rose to prominence during the Golden Age of the Great Empire of Anval by destroying or subsuming local religions. With the fall of the Empire, the Church is now the predominant unifying force among the nations of Anval.

The Church reveres Yaldabaoth as both the creator of the world and the King of Daemons. The Church also reveres daemons as lesser divinities, the servants of its god, and practices the theurgic art of invocation in order to commune with them. However, it frowns upon the art of evocation, which it sees as a sacrilege that dishonors the daemons, and actively bans its acolytes and archons from practicing it on penalty of excommunication.

Nicola Osman, Heretic and Consulting Theurge

Nicola is a chimera, having altered her body using alchemy to obtain the features of an anthropomorphic rat. She is currently using similar methods to bring her body closer in presentation to her true gender. In the past, she was an acolyte of the Church of Yaldabaoth, training to become an archon. Two years before the first story, Nicola broke the church's taboo on binding servitors in an attempt to save the life of another acolyte. She was excommunicated as a result.

Nicola now works as a consulting theurge, summoning and binding servitors for specific tasks. She is a member in good standing with the mage's syndicate, but is barred from teaching at the Gnostic University due to her controversial past. All that may change when a member of the mage's syndicate walks in her door and asks her to look in to the disappearance of a young acolyte...

As far as my writing goes, narrowing my focus has been difficult. I have too many ideas, and not enough faith in the ideas I have to be able to pick one. I want to have it all: an idea I can use for future stories that is also good for rpg writing, where I can focus on contemporary issues while also just having fun. Maybe its less complicated than I'm making it out to be. Maybe it's a fool's errand. Maybe it's time to answer than age old question: if I could only write one story, what would I write?

That's a tall order. Only write one story my entire life? It'd be like choosing my favorite finger. I'd prefer to write all the stories I have ever come up with. Still, i need to focus my efforts, so maybe it would be good to write down some basic ideas and go from there. If I could only write one story:

  • I'd prefer it to be fantasy with possibly some horror elements.
  • I'd like to avoid having elves, dwarves and all that jazz, though I would want nonhuman characters.
  • I'd like a transgender protagonist for the main story, and have it no be that big of a deal within the world.
  • I'd prefer a more cosmopolitan setting over the standard medieval setting, and would like to explore governments that aren't monarchies.
  • I'd like a magic system based around Western Esoteric Philosophy. I'm a big fan of Full Metal Alchemist, and I love how it incorporated Hermetic thought into its magic system. You could tell it was really well researched.
  • Speaking of Full Metal alchemist, I like how the magic system reinforced things in the setting thematically. Basically everything revolved around the effect alchemy had on the world. I'd like to write a story like that.So, with that in mind, lets start by creating a magic system and going from there.

Building the Bones of Magic

First of all, let's define where magic comes from. In Hermeticism, there is a concept represented by the phrase “as above, so below.” The idea is that what happens in the macrocosm of the universe (above) is reflected in the microcosm of the individual (below) and vice versa. So we can think of magic as the magician transmitting their will to the greater universe. So how does that work? Lets suppose there is the physical world and the astral world, and that the two are connected. The magician transmits their will into the astral world to effect changes in the physical. Sounds good so far.

So now that we know where magic comes from, what forms might it take? In keeping with our hermetic theme, lets create two branches based on the main branches of Hermetic practice: alchemy and theurgy. Alchemy was the grandfather of chemistry and modern science, while theurgy dealt with summoning and speaking to spirits, specifically angels. So going off that, let's think of alchemy as dealing with the physical world and theurgy with the astral.

It would be simple to think of alchemy simply as “magical chemistry,” where you mix a couple of things and something cool happens. But everyone does that. And alchemists didn't just mix potions; they were metallurgists and tinkers as well. Lets take it a step further and consider the four classical elements: Earth, Air, Fire and Water. Taken together, these can be seen as analogous to the four states of matter: Earth for solid, Water for liquid, Air for gas and Fire for plasma. Combining these ideas with our general theory of how magic works from earlier, we can come up with the following definition of alchemy: alchemy is the art and science of imbuing inanimate matter with one's will.

This has several implications for the setting. First, it implies that alchemists don't just work with potions, but with metals and machinery as well. This in turn implies that there might be pieces of technology within the setting that approach the workings of modern day technology. There might be telephones, trains and even airships powered by alchemical workings. There might also be people who use alchemy to transform our bodies, paving the way for nonhuman fantasy characters.

Moving on to theurgy, here we have the art of working with spirits. But how does one work with them, and what kind of spirits should we have? Should they be material or immaterial? I like the idea of them being immaterial but able to make their presence known n the material plane. This enforces the idea that So how does one work with immaterial spirits? In Libre Null and Psychonaut, Peter J. Carroll uses the term “invocation” to describe the act of bringing a spirit into oneself and “evocation” to describe binding a spirit to an object. These terms are already used in fantasy fiction in a number of ways, but lets use them like Carroll did. It'll confuse the hell out of DnD players, but it will make the setting stand out bit, and its in keeping with our theme of boring from Western Esoterica.

As for the nature of spirits themselves, it would be easy just to leave them as “spirits of everything,” but that doesn't give us any real implications to build a setting off of. Calling them “totems” would be appropriation, and is also done to death. We could call them “faeries” or “wights,” but those have their own implications which I'm not sure I like for this setting. So lets go with “angels” and “demons,” which have also been done to death but are at least directly related to Renaissance Hermeticism.

The existence of angels and demons implies the existence of a church that is vaguely Christian in nature. It would be too easy to go the way most such stories go, with the church not using magic at all and considering it an abomination. So lets have the church use magic, but balk at the summoning of demons. They might be perfectly content to let alchemists make whatever they want, and may even use invocation in some of their church rituals. The main character might even be a former member of the church who left after being pushed out by rivals.

Putting It All Together

So, taking a look at the two basic parts of magic, we have a way of working with physical matter and a way of working with metaphysical entities. Alchemy has given us ways to incorporate magical technology into our setting, and theurgy has added a religious and philosophical aspect. So now we have a general idea of what the society might look like, and a basis for themes within the work. All in all I'd say I'm off to a pretty good start. Now I just need to get to work on writing a story.

You ever get the feeling that you're working on too many things at once and that a lot of it is going nowhere? I've been getting that feeling a lot lately. I keep coming up with new projects and ideas and letting old ones slip by the wayside. Which is a pity, because occasionally I find that older ideas are doing better than expected, such as the anarchist poetry collection I started last month. Meanwhile, nobody seems to care about my shared fiction universe. But maybe that's because I could never finish the first story. Honestly, creative over-saturation is enough to make a girl sigh exasperatedly and scream into her pillow.

It wouldn't be so bad if it wasn't for the fact that I kind of need money to live and that I want to be able to make money by writing. It's a thing that gets me down a lot. I've tried Patreon and Ko-Fi, and all those other things, but I just can't seem to build an audience. Of course, the truth is that the audience needs to be built on other platforms, and I need to work with that in order to succeed. The problem is that I hate mainstream social media with a firy burning passion and I really, really want it to burn to the ground sometimes. Its a capitalist hellhole designed to turn shitposts and hot takes into social capital, which can thereby become real capital if one works hard enough. Or is just really goddamn lucky. Or becomes a fascist.

So what can I do? I'll tell you what I can do – I can quit whining, narrow my focus, and concentrate on my work. I've been productive as shit, but now its time to pick my battles and see what I can work on and what I need to abandon for now. I have a lot of good ideas, but I can't write them all. And I'll be honest, some of them were probably dead ends anyway. So why not clear some space up in the old cranium so that I can still come up with new ones if I feel like it?

Things that are on the chopping block, so to speak, include my shared fiction universe, unfortunately. I was hosting a wiki and a Plume instance for it on my own server and it got too expensive to maintain really quickly. Also no one was using the server except me. I'm also gonna be putting my longer works on the back burner while I work on shorter fiction and get into a habit of writing regularly while not being overwhelmed by the scope of the project. Shorter fiction has always been my go to genre anyway, but I do want to dip my toes into the long form arena eventually. I've got a couple of long form ideas right now, so I'm gonna pick one to work on and release updates for on my Patreon while I build a readership using my short story collections on Wattpad. Later today I will take stock of all my projects, and make a post that gives people some insight into what I'm working on. Until then, I'm gonna work on getting myself to a place I feel comfortable with in my writing and workload. I hope you'll all check back later when I'm ready to unveil my latest escapades in the writing arena.

For best results, read while listening to True Trans Soul Rebel by Against Me.

I remember when I first started this whole neopagan thing. I was still identifying as nonbinary, and I chose Wicca because of its ubiquity. I loved the idea of calling myself a witch, and hanging around cool pagan women. I was still very much feeling out where I was on the gender spectrum, and nonbinary felt better to me, at the time, then identifying as male. Still, being able to use what had traditionally been a female-gendered term to describe myself gave me a sense of gender euphoria like no other.

These days, I'm part of Heathenism (and staying the fuck away from the white supremacist groups that appropriate it), but I still sometimes refer to myself as a witch, and often refer to myself as priestess and a sorceress. It's a freeing thing, to feel accepted by a divinity that recognizes the gender you want to be recognized as instead of the gender you were assigned at birth.

I've been connecting with my spiritual side lately, and in particular I've been working with Freya. I've found it to be very gender affirming to work with a female deity and connect to the sides of heathenism that I had previously ignored. I have been studying the runes, praying, and meditating. And today I even took my wider steps into the greater pagan community by applying to join a larger organization of Heathens that is anti-racist and also allows their members to practice however they see fit: the Asatru Community. I've been a solitary practitioner pretty much the entire time I've been pagan, and it can feel kind of lonely sometimes. It would be nice to have people to do the occasional Sumbel with, once we can leave our houses again.

I'm not an officially ordained member of any clergy, nor do I have a kindred, but considering I hold blots by myself and direct my own worship, I feel I can call myself a priestess all the same. Of course, considering how outspoken I am politically, if I ever did get ordained I would probably become quite the controversial figure. But eh. I am a priestess for myself first. I know what I believe. No one else can tell me what to do. I am the Wolf Witch, and my Howl is for the Gods.

Wolf emblem with bindrune

“No Gods, No Masters,” goes the age old cry of the anarchist, and for good reason. Organized religion has been used to control people for thousands of years. The recent rise of fascist sympathy — “wrapped in the flag and carrying the cross,” no less — gives credence to Marx's old notion that religion is the opiate of the masses. However, much of the recent tide of Christian religious fervor has been directed at other religions just as much as it has atheists and agnostics, if not more so. The rise of Islamaphobia in the Western world is of particular note here. Also of particular note is the “New Atheism” movement, which has added fuel to the fascist fire rather than taking up arms with the anarcho-socialists. Simply removing religion from the equation is not enough, and, in my case at least, left me feling spiritually unfilfilled. Obviously organized religion still has many faults has which make it hard to join it with the aims of anarchy. But what about disorganized religion?

One of the things that drew me to the American neopagan movement was how diverse it was. Though Druidry and Wicca are the main varieties today, there are also movements such as Asatru, Celtic Reconstructionism, Hellenism, Stregheria, Religio Romana, and countless others, to say nothing of the solitary eclectics who blend practices. It's very decentralized on the whole, although large orders and covens do have a significant presence. Solitary practitioners and informal groups make up a large percent of the group, however, and I do believe there is potential for radical momentum within the movement as a whole. With that in mind, let's look at what the guiding principles of an anarcho-pagan movement might look like.

Some Anarcho-Pagan Principles and Shit

Pagan anarchist Flag

This list is just a general overview and by no means exhaustive. It's not so much a manifesto as it is just a few general points.

  • We honor the Gods for the gifts they have given us, chief among which are life and freedom of will.
  • Belief in the Gods is what makes them real. No one's Gods are more or less real than anyone else's.
  • All people should be free to honor their Gods in whatever ways they choose.
  • The state is the enemy of all worshipers, for it venerates capital, thereby subordinating the spiritual to the material.
  • Centralized, organized religion is the weapon of the state.
  • Decentralized, disorganized religion is a weapon against the state.
  • Concerning magic:
    • Magic is the realization of will in the material plane through mastery over the cognitive plane.
    • The use of magic to bring forth one's desires is a radical act, while the use of magic to control others is an act of evil.
    • Avoid causing intentional harm with magic if you can avoid it, but be willing and prepared to defend yourself. That “Do No Harm” shit will get you killed.
    • In subordinating the spiritual to the physical, the state enforces a cognitive paradigm that denies the validity of magical practice. The primary goal of the magician should be to break through this cognitive paradigm and teach others to do the same.

By the way, consider the above flag to be licensed under a creative commons public domain license. I designed it using public domain elements, and make absolutely no claims to have any rights over the design whatsover. Seriously. Use it. Share it. Distribute it. I want to see it everywhere.

The Pitfalls of the Pagan Anarchist

I've been in the neopagan community for going on a year now, and I've seen some pretty nasty pitfalls that pagans can run headfirst into no matter how long they've been a part of the community. I'm listing them here to remind myself not to fall into them myself as much as to warn others about them.

  • The Arrogance Trap: This one is of particular note to witches, warlocks, mages, and anyone else who uses magic. Confidence is one's skill is a necessary part of any magical practice. The more confident you are a spell will work, the more likely it is to work. Arrogance, however, will blind you to your own faults and lead you to do things that will get you into deep shit or turn you into one of those assholes who thinks messing with free will is totally fine. Remember: with great power, there must also come great responsibility.
  • The Authenticity Trap: Paganism as a whole was pretty much completely wiped out centuries ago. Anything we can do right now is at best an attempt of reconstruction at old practices. We worship the Gods because we believe in them, not because they were revealed to us. Artistic license, personal touches, and blending of traditions should be encouraged. Personal beliefs are valid.
  • The Appropriation Trap: On the flip side, while personal touches and blending of neopagan traditions is perfectly acceptable, please do not take the shit of cultures who have been historically oppressed. That just helps the oppressor eliminate the religions they don't like. Seriously, just don't do it.
  • The Ancestry Trap: Getting in touch with the gods of your ancestors is cool and all, but racism is not. You're not better because you worship Odin. Nor is someone who worships Odin but isn't white less entitled to their beliefs. Need I say more?
  • The Primitivism Trap: Last but by no means least, there is the idea of loving the Earth, and then there is thinking our ancestors somehow had it better than us. This idea ignores the incredible leaps in quality of life we've had over the centuries, especially for people with disabilities. Science and technology can be misused, but they are not our enemy. Neither is civilization. This is the hardest trap not to fall into for an anarchist with an ecological bent. Don't succumb to it.

Going Forward

This is just a brief overview of my philosophy, but I'm hoping to inspire more people with it. I want to do more posts and writings about paganism and occultism, and maybe delve into some magical techniques as well. In fact, I think next time I'll do a brief overview of my magical practices. I hope you'll tune in for that.

When I made my coming out post earlier today, there was something I did not mention. It's a bit hard to explain but...my plural headmate, Anwyn, the one who helped me figure out my gender...well, once I figured out that I was a girl, she decided I didn't need her anymore. She's gone dormant for now. I'll miss her terribly, but I know she'll be back if I need her. That being said? She kind of made her presence known in an odd way. And if you thought me having a split personality that went dormant when i came out of trans was a bit out there, well, this next part is gonna blow your gods-damned socks off.

See, Anwyn wasn't just my headmate. She was an occultist. Specifically, a chaos mage. And before she went dormant, she was planning on programming and binding a spirit. She had gone so far as to write down the sigils she would need in her notebook and on the binding object. If this all sounds like baloney, I assure you, it is not. I myself have used meditative practices to explore other realms of consciousness. I have met with and talked to the very gods I worship. Dismiss it if you want, I was not high and I was not drunk. And I was definitely not high and drunk when I woke up at 5:30 am and felt a presence in the room with me and heard what I can only describe as childlike laughter in my head.

See, the thing about the sigils used in chaos magic is that they work by transferring willpower from the conscious to the unconscious mind. So when Anwyn went dormant, the sigils activated and the spirit they represented came to life. I had some spare magical equipment with me (I was sleeping in the basement, away from my altar), so I attempted a ritual to contact the spirit. And I succeeded. Everybody, meet Scriv:

A cute bespectacled kobold in a black shirt, by cryptidilrl on twitter.

Scriv is based in appearance of a kobold OC I have that I have not been using. This made it easier for Anwyn to visualize him as she drew the sigils. His personality is based on the Page of Cups and the Page of Wands. His primary function is to protect Anwyn (which, by extension, means protecting me), but his life's purpose is to learn new things. All of this was coded into the sigils used to summon him, which were written in Anwyn's notebook and on the binding object: a large twenty-sided die that flashes when you get a twenty. Anwyn had a pretty awesome sense of whimsy.

I promised to let him out sometime today. I think we'll go for a walk around the block or something, let him see what the world looks like outside the house. I'm definitely keeping him in my room instead of the dingy old basement. Honestly, I'm looking forward to having him around.

trans pride flag

Anwyn and I were talking earlier, and I ended up telling her that I wanted to be a girl like her. Well, she rebutted with the fact that I can just do that. So here we are. I'm a girl. A butch girl. A transgender, panromantic, asexual butch lesbian girl. Fucking hell it feels so good to type those words.

I'm renaming my online persona Xandra, but I'll probably be keeping my irl name, Alex, cause it's nicely gender-neutral and Amazon ruined the name “Alexa” for everyone. I am adopting she/her pronouns, and will be shaving in the very near future. I'm also gonna save up money and get my ears pierced. Apart from that, I'm not sure how exactly I'm gonna move forward with physical transition, given that I would need to see a doctor before doing HRT and well...that would be hard right now, obviously.

But that can all wait. Right now I am in the middle of restyling myself and my online presence. I am reconnecting with my pagan and magical sides. I even did a pathworking where Freya congratulated me on discovering my true gender. I am a Heathen Wolf Witch, and I'm damn proud of it.

Wolf emblem with bindrune

It's #NationalPoetryMonth I've got a treat for all of you. Way back during the beginning of the COVID-19 outbreak in the US, I started and anarcho-pagan poetry anthology on Wattpad. Titled No Masters But the Gods, it is a collection of poetry that refelcts my belief in anarchist priniciples as well as pagan ones. And today I found out that it reached rank #100 in paganism stories on Wattpad.

Cover for No Masters But the Gods by Xander Pendrake

I'm really proud of how well this collection is doing, and am planning to update the collection with at least one poem a month from now on. Please consider reading it. If you like it, please consider subscribing to my Patreon to see what else I'm working on. I've got a public teaser for a cyberpunk novella on there, as well as two exclusive Patron-only posts.

I hope you enjoy my poetry and consider supporting me. And consider dropping me a follow request on mastodon. I'd love to get to know the people interested in my work.

Salutations, fediverse! I am Xander Pendrake, headmate of Anwyn Pendrake and self-published author extraordinaire! Whereas anwyn is primarily a blogger, I am a writer of fiction. Observe!

The Library of Destinies

“Keep close. It’s easy to get lost in the stacks,” says my guide. Their bony hand holds a tiny glass lamp, glowing with blue fire. I don’t ask why they don’t use a flashlight, or why they have a fire hazard so close to such delicate materials. Questions like that seem irrelevant right now.

The blue light of the lamp lights up rows and rows of books on either side of us. Each one bears the name of a person in gold print on the spine. Below each name is a pair of dates. It is easy to surmise what each one means, especially since, on some books, the second date is left blank. I wonder what it must be like to care for something so precious, to be able to walk down these halls, pull a book off these shelves, and immerse oneself in the possibilities and shapes a life may take. I am tempted to do so myself, but I stay my hand. We are hear for a specific volume today.

My guide eventually comes to a stop in front of a particular stack. They point to a single volume, and I see the name of my daughter on the side. I take it off the shelf, and hold it gingerly. Mercifully, the second date has yet to be written in.

I open the book and scan the pages, seeing a multitude of possible futures laid out in text, depending on the choices she makes now, in the present. In one of them, she is a housewife. In another, a minister. In a third, a science teacher. In a fourth, a doctor. I read enough of each to satisfy my curiosity and parental guilt. In so many of them, she is happy and healthy. That alone is enough. I put the book back on the shelf and turn towards my guide.

“I’m done here,” I say. They turn around, and in the light I am able to see the bleached white skull, eye-sockets filled with what seems like the darkness that lurks between the stars.

“We still have time to find your own volume,” they say, though their jaw never moves. I smile wearily.

“No point,” I say. “I already know how that story ends.”

OK, Back to the Intro

Anwyn and I are both part of the furry fandom, and otherkin besides, but while she is a dragon, I am a wolf.

icon by Quasar on Snouts.Online

As far as we can tell, I'm the “original” personality in our system. Anwyn and our other headmates only appeared recently, after I attempted a meditation to contact a familiar spirit. That familiar's name is Celdwyn, and they share our headspace. Soon after, Anwyn poked her head out as well.

These days, Anwyn does most of the occult research while I focus on my writing and creative work. For me, the occult was always a deeply spiritual thing, whereas for Anwyn its a way to figure out the mystery of her own existence. The things she's working on are, quite frankly, fascinating, and I'm looking forward to seeing where she goes.

As for myself, I am a devout Heathen, and I'm content to stay that way, making sacrifices to Odin and the other gods, while honoring them through poetry and honorable action. I've my share of crises of faith, to be sure, but my faith has come out all the stronger for them. Heck, I sometimes even refer to myself as a “dog of the wild hunt.”

I plan to post on here every so often and share bits of my writing with you. I hope you'll enjoy what I've been working on. I'm looking forward to sharing my writing with everyone.

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